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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Yep, More Socially Conscious Peer Pressure: 10/20/10 - Wear Purple to Support Gay Youth

Sometimes Chester doesn't get how very very blond he is...

And although Chester's mama sort of feels like it's way too much like caving to peer pressure,* she will be wearing purple today specifically for a friend's daughter who is an out lesbian at 15 (go girl, and boy do I love her parents) and experiencing bullying at a high school in a liberal, affluent, NPR-kinda neighborhood. Glee aside, it's still a rough road out there and sometimes I'm really glad I was in denial until college... This one's for KP!

Colinette Shimmer 5 in Florentina colorway - tried to make the Marilyn jacket from the Colinette book "Rock Gods and Movie Stars". Wasn't working on me, but it made a cute Chester pic before it got unraveled. (more another time.)

* ETA: for my ex-US friends and folks reading this down the road of time, in the USA in September/October 2010 there have been a rash of suicides of teens who are gay or who were thought to be gay. One of the outcomes of this has been the "It Gets Better"/Trevor Project, delivering messages of empathy and hope to youth who might be contemplating suicide because of homophobia. Another has been a day of wearing purple to show support for youth who are considering that their sexuality is not 'straight' (whatever that is anymore) and who are experiencing bullying by other teens, or family, or anyone...


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