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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Chptr 33: In Which We Change the Blog Name (and owe David Sedaris a scarf, at least), take too much pain medication (by accident, I swear), walk in the park with dogs, and visit the kiddie mayhem that is downtown Silver Spring on Halloween Saturday (at least they played some Santana)


After typing that title, I've pretty much filled you in.

The chick to the left (Barbra attitude with Bette Midler hair, don't you think?) was on display at the DT Silver Spring open air Saturday Market.

The woman with the dolls said her 13 year old was making them (there were 4 more).  I got her email address so I will post a picture of the other dolls tomorrow.

Another vendor there was a toy designer who got started knitting and felting toys  (see the cat and friends below) for her son and now has a whole menagerie of clever little animals and mermaids and flying saucers that are felted. 
I'm ready for my closeup...

The cat did it
So, more on this little excursion and my new knitted and crocheted friends tomorrow.

Today's main obstacle has been that this morning I took a nighttime medication by mistake... because this condition that shall not be called fibromyalgia that I have, I get to take a low dose of a pain medication that my doctor thinks will help with the pain that wakes me up in the middle of the night.  Today is my third day taking this (or fourth, remember I'm not math girl, especially when medicated).  The grogginess is supposed to dissipate within a week, but this morning I was so groggy I went to take another medication and grabbed the wrong bottle and realized after I'd feebly swallowed my pill that I had taken the nighttime med.

Today has been interesting, to say the least.  I'm new to all this pill stuff, and I'm hoping to keep it to a minimum - I'm too young to have to use Grandma's weekly pill planner.  But today I see the wisdom in such organization.

Look, honey!  A LOG!  I have to take a picture
As a result of imbibing too much Lyrica, everything was very very pretty today.  Meredith and I walked in Rock Creek Park with the dogs, and it was all soooooo pretty.  The leaves - LOOK! A RED LEAF, HONEY, WOW! - the creek, the dogs cavorting, the dogs growling at other dogs, the mud, a log. 

I was very friendly today.  A man taking pictures of Rock Creek - I had to look at his images and make a voice recording and get his email and he promised to send me his website and he works for GE and I probably would have kept talking to him, except the dogs were getting bored.  And that was just in the park.  Once we got to the Saturday Market, the camera was out, I was a people person!  I was working the crowd, making friends, influencing people. Everything was amazing.  The world was my oyster. Lunch was spectacular.  There have never been such good drunken noodles in the history of Thai cooking, EVER.  Deeeeeeelicious.  And I even got a red velvet cupcake at Cakelove for later.

How does this affect my knitting, you ask? (Let's pretend you did.) When I took out tonight what I had worked on this morning after double-dosing on the pain med... well, let's just say that mohair is a very forgiving fiber, and I'm working on a shawl where the fuzziness will obscure the stitch tension, which I gotta tell you was all over the place.  Yarnovers were tight, three pattern repeats later, they were loose as a goose (don't get me started).

Scariest of all, is that now I want to write about it.  That and mismatched stitchmarkers which haunt me like mismatched hangers in my closet (can't stand that).

Oh, and to address the name of the blog, which was formerly "Running with Needles", I have found someone else is actively blogging under that title and I'm kinda over Augusten Burroughs, and while I love Amy Sedaris, I was not going to title this blog Knitting for Poor People or Strangers with Needles, and so borrowing and adjusting something from David was next on the list.

And, yes, I'm planning on knitting a pretty scarf for David and sending it to him and thanking him for it, and, no, Mo Rocca is not getting one ever. (Hmmph.  Did more research. Maybe he should be on my list.)

Yawn.  Am I boring me?

It will be so interesting to read this posting tomorrow once the fog clears - happy clicks.


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