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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Adamant Knitter, part B - Busy, Backlogged and Betrothed

Don't be getting any ideas from the sparkle - it's not a diamond. Didn't want one. But it is an engagement ring and I'm a very happy camper.

Blogging has been taking a back seat to knitting - methinks I ordered more yarn than I can possibly ever knit up... And knowing that 2011 brings a lot of changes is heavy on my mind - in a good way. In a responsible for another person and our blended furbaby family way. In a gotta make some plans and dreams and not just drift kinda way. And work challenges are flying in but they are mostly good.

So my little brain is a bit scrambled and as I knit it gets sorted out.

I love my life. It's a good place to be. More knitting project catch-up eventually...

Happy December. 24 more knitting days (less if you are doing the hourly countdown). God bless us every one!


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  2. Congratulations to you! Love that yarn...and the ring isn't too shabby either.