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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Watching Law & Order: UK - methinks there's a reason they only wear those wigs in court.

This is actually Cat's Holiday 2010 Scarf (Preppie Scarf by Anni Howard)

So, quick question:  how the heck is it almost 2011?  Huh?

How did your holiday knitting go?  Were you like me, knitting on 3 projects on 12/24, and looking at some you spent time on in November turning out to be not quite right and needing to be replaced?

I'm pretty satisfied with my knitting this holiday season.  Yes, what I thought I was going to give and what I actually gave changed drastically from Labor Day (the beginning of my holiday knitting cycle each year) to December 24.  Yes, I am still knitting on ONE item that was not ready 12/25.  And yes, oh yes, oh yes, I overbought yarn.  (Boy did I overbuy yarn.  Super oh-boy.)  I'm awash in Silk Garden, and wishing I had more Kochoran.

What I didn't do, to my own satisfaction, was speak of knitting shops and blog and take good pictures of my projects.  But this can be remedied... 2011, here the heck we come.  Ready or not!

Stick with me, baby.  We'll find a way...

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