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Monday, February 14, 2011

Chptr 67: The Other Other Woman

Chester has two mommies now, kind of.  As Meredith and I get closer to The Big Merge, she's definitely mommy-ing him.  Which basically means she gets to discipline him as desired, rather than grit her teeth through behaviors that she really wants to correct, and know that I'm all good with that.

There is ANOTHER woman, though, for my guy:  Mary B.  Chester has an unmistakable, embarrassing to watch, utter and complete, no holds barred crush on my dear friend Mary.

To wit:

I can't really be jealous.  I know folks in committed relationships have crushes and attractions and sometimes make fools of themselves without really cheating.  I know that Chester seeing Mary and smelling her and then throwing (THROWING, I tell you) himself at her feet - and you've seen what happens if she wants to sit on the couch - I know it's not about me.  And please tell me why I'm anthropomorphizing any of this?  I guess the short answer is because I'm human.

God bless dogs.  They make love so simple. 

There is lots and lots of love.  More than enough for us all if we can find it - 

Happy Valentine's Day!