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Thursday, October 7, 2010

NOT SOLD: A Poem Rejected by Poetry Magazine

This morning, last night
We are back to air unencumbered
By the wet of the Summer.

Oh it may kick up its heels again
And give us a taste of season we have just left
But the corner is in sight
To the Fall.

We met, you and I, in air like this, face to face
In May
Here it is October
And we have moved through the heat
The thunder
Long wet nights over too soon
Days where everything has melted:
Bodies and souls
And disentangled to part ways.

This Summer each parting a little less precise
Pieces left behind on purpose or in haste.

The heat of the Summer
The rain, tremendous rain
Puddling us deliciously
Expanding in the heat
And the hum of the coolness inside.

This Summer I have loved well.

It is not for us to know how many seasons stretch before us
But one is complete
And I would change not one bead of sweat
Or drop of rain
Or blade of sun parched grass
Or toppled or torn tree -
For this will forever be
The Summer I have been
Explored, known, conquered, surrounded,
Surrendered, lost, found, soothed, suckled,
Gentled, graced

And loved

And loved

And loved

© 2010, Jann R. Mouer


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