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Monday, October 18, 2010

Chptr 21 - In Which Our Narrator Pairs Colinette with Noro to Sublime Result

Talk about Noro and Nature!

This is Jen's Poncho from the AMAZING Sally Melville*'s book "The Knitting Experience Book 1: The Knit Stitch" which I highly recommend to any level knitter as a pretty darn cool book with great instruction, helpful information, and patterns that are not just interesting, but functional as well. If I was less ADD, I'd pick this as a book to knit through, reading whatever the Divine Ms. M has to tell me. I checked this out of the library originally and after keeping it long enough that the fines equaled what I could pay for a copy on Amazon (including shipping), I decided to get it for myself.

Someday I will knit the Einstein coat (for the story, hit this, and go down to the section on The Knitting Experience, book 1 - start at 2nd paragraph) - and I want to use Noro to do that.

This poncho was knit with Noro Silk Garden, 7 skeins total: 2 of colorway 279 (the stripes) and 5 of colorway 269. A Tangled Skein in Hyattsville, Maryland, did the honors of Noro supply. For suppleness and a bit of a friendly fuzzy aura, I paired the Noro with Colinette Parisienne (mostly kid mohair) in Soft Sienna (colorway #125). My stripe pattern was a 12 row total: 6 rows of the main color, 2 rows of complementary color, 2 rows of main color, 2 rows of complementary color.

After wearing a couple times, the neck was stretching out so I crocheted a cord and threaded it through the finishing border of the neck opening.

I literally had a woman stop me on the street and offer to buy it off me; and wouldn't you know, within 24 hours my puppy (NOT Chester, thank God or I would have to pose him in an all-out princess getup for his atonement) had chewed a little hole in it which I still have not had the heart to figure out how to fix and will take somewhere, someday, for repair advice.

This was has been an easy, very wearable, item... in fact, I will probably wear it today! To quote Jen S - it's very fallish.

* Seriously - her story, especially after 1993, is really a testament to the therapy that knitting and crocheting can be - I swear there should be a T-shirt knitters can get when life basically craps on you that says "Knit through THIS!"

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  1. that's a beautiful poncho :)
    ... Chester's far too fashion conscious to chew a hole in it ^..^