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Friday, October 22, 2010

Chptr 25: In Which Our Hero Models the "Opie", with Eye-rolling Resignation

This is really a poncho. Really! Great drape for a scarf, though, don't you agree?

Pattern: Opie
Pattern Book: Colinette Akashya #51
Ravelry Pattern Review Page: hit me

Yarns I used for this one, and they look spectacular paired - Colinette Giotto colorway Dusk (#77) and Colinette Silky Chic Colorway Castagna (#128).

Future plans do include frogging the poncho and making two shawls out of it BECAUSE:

A)   It's really, really fuzzy.  And funky looking.  And I DON'T live in Berkeley or Portland (anymore). And I have to wear what I knit to work (well, I don't have to, but my hobby and my clothing allowance are one and the same, which gets complicated when it's time for new underwear), and if I could reproduce the look I got from the HR admin when I walked in the door wearing this (see below), I totally would.  Double take, eyes bulged, and then eyes rolled.  Shoulder movements were also involved. 
B) Again with the downward growth of garment!  When I finished it, it was well above the ground (see above) but after a couple of hours, it had stretched so far I looked like I was wearing a bedspread, and that fringe was acting like a Swiffer and sweeping away my footprints.  Which could work on a covert operation in the woods, but which prompted more eye rolling at the office.  (Admit it, though, you love the red boots.)

So, a planned posting on Looped Yarn Works in Dupont Circle, DC.  LOVE!


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  1. LOVE the dog!! The poncho is cool too! ~ Sandie (KnitzyBlonde from Ravelry)