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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Chptr 26: in which I am lying in bed at 5 am ON A SATURDAY morning thinking about knitting

Maybe it's that time of year.

I can't figure out my budget but the rule seems to be "Yarn First Bills Sometime Soon"

Am still far out enough from holidays that in my generous plans, EVERYONE is getting a hand knit something or other; but I know gift triage is impending.... Cue creepy scary music soundtrack

It's finally COOLER. See, this year I'm thinking global warming held off autumn. But it's here. Can't walk the dogs in bare feet first thing in morning anymore. (note to self-knit slippers-?)

The colors have changed outside. We are going from green to brown as the main color scheme, with a brief dip into reddy-golds. Must change out yarn wardrobe.

So, do I knit or do I sleep? Ha. We all know the answer to this one. (sorry honey - thank God you're a sound sleeper. I so lucked out with that.)

Some kinda picture later.


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