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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Confessions of a Knitting Addict

It's true. I can no longer deny it. Gone are the days when I could quit anytime I wanted.

I submit the evidence in three exhibits.


I recently ran out of stitchmarkers.  How the heck this happened, I have no clue:  I usually keep packages of them, and it seems that I rarely leave any type of craft or yarn store without buying some.

Actually, I still have stitchmarkers, but I took them to work and then left them there by accident.  (Note to co-workers - I didn't really lose them at work.  I NEVER KNIT AT WORK!  Or only during Sharepoint training.  Right? wink, wink.)

Started a new lace project (Alhambra scarf by Anne "Amazing Lace" Hanson), and even though I recently organized my knitting doodads, I could not find stitchmarkers.  Any stitchmarkers.  (Do you know how crazy this is?  Stitchmarkers to lace knitters are like NEEDLES - essential.)  A thought occurred to me: I'll bet there are some in the couch.  I tore apart the couch cushions like I've heard crystal meth users search for crumbs (no, ma, I don't know about this firsthand).  I found 3.  It occurred to me to vacuum.  JACKPOT!  And I got the bonus:  I found a tapestry needle in a size I recently 'lost' the last one of...  life is GOOD, baby.  Life is good.


DUH!  The reason I do laundry is to felt up test swatches!  (Here, Colinette Shimmer 5 in Monet, colorway #101.)

[I will soon be posting the great Colinette swatch experiment, which this is part of, so watch this space.]


Made this sucker big so you could see the price on it:  $26.99 for 50 grams. (Don't look, ma, you won't understand... and, no, it's not machine washable.)

Tao is 100% silk in a single-ply cord and OMG it is OMG so amazing to knit with OMG. Colinette Tao in Whirley Fig, colorway #157.  OMG.  And if you're nice to me, I'll let you touch it.

I shower because yarn this nice needs me to be worthy of it.  (Some days I succeed.)  And in our sex ed class in 6th grade, good hygiene was emphasized as being essential to laying the groundwork for others to like you.  And I want Tao to like me.  I really really do. (and sometimes it does:  hit me.)

And, little pretties, it needs knitting on now, so off I go - happy clicks!


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