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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Swatch This Space: The Great Colinette Felting Experiment - Shimmer 5

The Great Colinette Felting Experiment was born because, unlike with other yarns, I couldn't find enough info on the felting of it online to guide my way into committing any of my precious yarn to the wash machine.

It pains me to swatch anything (too impatient and I don't knit a lot of fitted stuff and plus, Ravelry - some of you know what I mean!).  But Colinette - well, I'm not a wholesaler, I (should) live on a budget, and at over 20-25 American per skein, well - you do the math ('cuz I try to avoid it).  Also, I'm new to felting and kinda a sceerdy-cat about it.

Note:  The postings regarding felting are going to be edited as more information is gathered, they are not standalone blog posts.

So, shall we commence?  Shimmer 5.

Here is Yarndex's info page on Shimmer 5 - Colinette seems to be discontinuing it, but not sure.  HA!  Here is Ravelry's page on Shimmer 5 (not sure if this will work, but I'm gonna try).

My notes about Shimmer 5:  I just love the gloss on this yarn.  It's really subtle, and "shimmer" is a great adjective for it.  I have tried (tried, I tell you: see this Rav posting) to substitute Shimmer 5 for Point 5 in Colinette patterns, to limited success.  "Limited" in this case meaning no success with fitted garments.  Also, because of the rayon content, it doesn't have the give that Point 5 does.

But pretty!  It is so effing PRETTY!

So here are my Shimmer 5 swatches prior to felting - I did one in moss stitch and one in stocking stitch.  And I have to apologize to those of you who do metric - my trusty measuring thingee is in inches with no metric.  I will try to do conversions at some point.  (be gentle on the layout here, I am new to adding pictures and placing them and how this looks in multiple browsers, and I'm trying, people, I'm trying...)

After felting:

ANNNDDDDD: so you can see what the purlside vs knitside differences are in texture, and I'm making these pics big for you to see detail:
Yes, I know it says "money" colorway, ha.  It's Monet but I seem to always type Money...


These are coming soon.  I have to consult with the statistics guy at work, 'cuz really I don't do math... not even knitting math.

 Happy clicking and hooking, y'all! 

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