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Thursday, October 28, 2010

This Knitter's Cat (aka coming out of the closet to the dog people who read this)

We all have at least one.  (We=knitting bloggers. One=cats.)

Here's mine: Mac.

Mohair fanatic responsible for 2 DOA lace projects ("I leave you alone for 5 minutes...")

Good thing he's cute. (Well, he prefers to be called devastatingly handsome.  I have a hunch his role model is George Clooney.)

Mac is a 5 year old Maine coon cat (from Sarajen Maine Coons in Arlington, VA).  His nicknames are T-Bill and My Alaskan Vacations.  BOTH YEARS I had money saved for a vacation to Alaska, he has gotten sick; once a mystery virus that prompted an operation he didn't need but I still had to pay for (not using THAT vet anymore) and then a P.U. operation in 2009 in which he became, as my friend Lisa J put it, "the tranny cat".  He has a surgically created girly part instead of the boy bits he was born with.  He's a miracle boy, though, as he was in the first stages of kidney failure and pulled himself back with great care from Kindness Animal Hospital in Wheaton, Maryland.  They let me spend hours each day with him while he was in kitty ICU and I am so sure it made the difference.

Mac loves to help me knit.  He has a preference for mohair yarn.  If I leave it unattended for any length of time, any fuzzy yarn, really, he creates a nest of it and starts to knead it.  Yes, I anthropomorphize and call it his knitting.

I've tried to tell him that George Clooney most likely does NOT knit and, further, likely has no interest whatsoever in mohair.

Is he amused?  You decide.

ETA - let's see if this works (warning - I cuss like a sailor):



  1. Wow - he is a very handsome chap indeed!

  2. Oh yeh. I "rescued" an olderly persian cat who needed de-matting this way, under anesthesia. My brother commented that she looked like a Pekinese in drag. Musta been the tail, huh?

    Well, Mac is a handsome boy, all right. With or without fur.