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Monday, September 13, 2010


So. This is one of many UFOs (UnFinished Objects) hanging around in my conscience, project bin, to-do list. It's the yarn (brand: Colinette, yarn: Giotto, colorway: raspberry) that lured me back into knitting a few years ago. It was in a sale bin (how? why? does it matter?) at Knit+Stitch=Bliss had it at deep discount and I stared at it (because even at discount, Colinette is pricey, at least here in these United States) and suffered my first case of yarn sticker shock.

Yarn lust had struck. The next day, I went to the yarn shop at lunch and coveted. I googled. I researched what I could do with 1 skein of Giotto. (Not enough.) Did they have 2 skeins? They did!... And there went the 50% discount and thus began Serious Yarn Addiction.

But admit it... Pretty.


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