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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Introducing... America's Next Top Model: Chester O. Mouer

Mister Ruggedly Handsome

Here is Chester, my beloved Golden Retriever, doing one of the things he does best: put up with my antics. Which include making him model lots of "creations" (even when they are really not his colors.

These socks were made with Schoeller+Stahl Fortissima Colori sock yarn. I think I found it on eBay. The pattern is your basic ankle-to-toe sock; I got this pattern from a class I took in sock knitting at Knit+Stitch=Bliss (shout out to Anne - funny, patient, but also makes you frog out to the mistake and knit it over again The Right Way, and while an English-style thrower, tolerates translational questions from Russian-style pickers like me). (And, Anne, your stitches may be more even but i'm FASTER, and that's why we block!). I altered the pattern to include ribbing between the ankle and toe, cuz the socks were looking like real flags, flapping in the wind as they came off the needles.

As a Russian-style (an even more specific style of knitting than Continental) knitter, I often have to go down 1 to 2 needle sizes (even with socks) from the pattern recommendation. Which means that I probably knit these suckers on size 1 double points, even though they were my second pair ever. Teeny teeny tiny itty bitty needles. I definitely became enamored of Nancy's Knit Knacks sock tubes (not to be confused with Tube Socks - oh, the NFL colors on the top from the 70's - the way the cheap ones would scrunch around the ball of your foot - skin crawling, skin crawling) to keep the sticks from snapping when I carted them around in my various bags. Seriously, it was like knitting with toothpicks. And if you're just trying double-points, go longer rather than shorter until you get really good at moving from needle to needle.

These socks actually ended up going to my brother, the Marine officer. He swore he would wear them. I will have to check with his girlfriend on that. If he doesn't, I think Chester wants his socks back. (He now has a collar that matches, and I am not joking.)


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