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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Big Fat (not Greek) Mess

I have no idea how initial posting with VIDEO CLIP (hellllllloooooooooooooo 2010) is going to work. A certain someone got me a Kodak Playsport* and I shot an initial video that I can't seem to figure out how to edit (could be the software, could be the ancient and abused IBM ThunkPad, and then again, it could just be me).

Chester DOES make a cameo appearance!

So, y'all are stuck with this very amateur little clip, good mostly for making you feel better about your own yarn and/or computer woman- (or man-) cave.

Upon review, you may join me in noting the following roadblocks to a Zen-like environment:
1. UFOs everywhere (UnFinished Objects)
2. Needles and tools everywhichwhere, too
3. UICs everwhere (UnIdentified Cords)
4. Just your basic ICFISITEAAISCFIATIWSFISIABIAPWIDHTLAIA (I Couldn't Find It So I Tore Everything Apart And I Still Couldn't Find It And Then I Was So Frustrated I Shoved It All Back Into A Place Where I Didn't Have To Look At It Anymore) mess times about each occurrence, say weekly, for two years, so times about 104.

(Sadly, those of you who've seen my office at work will NOT be shocked.)

Coming posts will hopefully take you through my journey to Nirvana - lots of yarn, lots of electronic toys; total organization. For at least a week.


*Need prompted by a kayak flip with my iPhone. The rice trick did not work. Unfortunately, replacing the iPhone led to too much time in the Apple Store, which led to not only a replacement iPhone but also to an iPad. Could the PlaySport be a money-saving ploy to keep me out of Best Buy? Nah... but I love it. Thanks, honey!


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  1. So, this works on firefox and ie8. Safari and atomic web, nope. So a YouTube channel and link. I'm thinking. Sigh.