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Monday, September 13, 2010

Christmas is coming, let's pretend the stash is fat!

Yes, it is barely autumn. But my new toys (iPad and an awfully pretty mahjong app) are making it gosh-durn hard to take my 3 month timeline seriously. I mean, the leaves haven't even turned and I still don't know what all the bonus tiles look like so why knit?!

Therefore, friends and fellow fiber freaks, I issue a challenge to you: post your dream list of finished objects to gift at the end of this year. Go a little crazy - you can pare it down later and get real, but indulge yourself with me and roll around in a fantasy jacuzzi filled with Colinette, Noro, Artyarns... Silks, kid mohair, baby alpaca... (dammit, now I'm drooling, and it's sooooooo not attractive.)

I will start. [ahem]

for mom - machine washable something that she won't ask how much the yarn costs (she hasn't figured out that how much the needles & miscellaneous supplies cost would probably cause a seizure - "how much is in your retirement fund?! And you paid how much for that set of Addi Turbo Clicks?")

For dad - well, 3 years ago I gave him some Great Adirondack Yarn for Xmas that was supposed to become a sweater. Didn't. Various reasons, probably none of which are that he has a lazy and distractable daughter ("oooh, is that silk?" -casts aside daddy's sweater which is getting boring and not measuring to the gauge swatch i didn't bother to knit). Last year I bought a crap load of Eco Wool ('cuz It was Friday night and I had just got paid and it seemed like a good idea at the time) rationalizing that it was machine washable (it's not, I was hallucinating that little portion of the label, go figure) and it seemed like a good yarn to start my first cable project on (it was, but key word here is "start"). So for dad, hmmmm, something (anything) that makes it through mom's criteria and that he might use. I'm thinking afghan. I'm thinking family room. I'm thinking Lion Band Yarn.

For my sweet sweet beloved - let's see. A) I have three promised objects on the needles (OTN); B) this blog is monitored by beloved; and C) I have no clue.

This is harder than I thought! Must do research and return!

Happy clicking!


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