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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Etiquette for Non Knitters Receiving Gifts: Part One

As you will notice from the captions, Julia handled this situation PERFECTLY!

I was itching to use this yarn - Rose Garden colorway in Colinette Prism. I had 2 skeins, enough for SOMETHING, and this cute pattern "Iris" (as featured on the cover of this Colinette pattern book, Artyfacts was ACHING to be made (along with the matching mittens) - and although Julia here is not exactly your pinky-pink cutesy-hat girlie girl, she handled being the recipient of my magnanimity with aplomb.

She wore the hat around me for a few hours, then put it in a nice place for display, and then let me wear it when I came to visit her.

So. Rating Julia's reaction to the gift:
Five stars - for accepting what I made her and not being disappointed that it was not what she wanted
Five stars - for waiting a couple months to say, "I'm not really a hat person"
Five stars - for not asking me where the socks I started for her have disappeared to
Five stars - for being a gosh-darn all-around great friend.

(and yes, Julia does have one pair of socks, with GREEN in them [and some pink], that I made her and SHE WEARS HERS, GREGORY THOMAS - she didn't give it to her mother!)

Note to knitters - I transmuted the pattern and knit this in the round, so that's why the colors pooled the way they did. I made another of these and followed the directions and made it with a seam and I have to say that I liked the way the colors didn't form this swirly pattern - not that this looks bad, it just was more to my liking without the swirly bits.)


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