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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Crimes Against Pink: Design vs. Yarn, 2009, 7th Circuit of Hell, Court of Public Opinion

Some things are better left ungifted. Perhaps even unknitted.

I actually gifted these to friends who purport to love pink. I did not check back with them to see if they were ever worn. I am scared, frankly, to do this.

How big of a wimp am I? They live w/in 10 miles and I sent the gift by FedEx. (Recommended mode of delivery for knitters gifting questionable items to unsuspecting victims.)

Meghan and Jenn - Don't worry. I won't be upset if these ended up (oops) in the hot cycle, and then in the dryer (how did that happen?), and then as chew toys for Widget.

In case you are curious (or just a little... out there)
Pattern: Colinette Iris Hat & Mittens
Source: Colinette Artyfacts pattern book
Yarn & Colorway: Colinette Prism in Alizarene (#119)

Random unscientific rating:
Five stars: Pretty pattern book
Three stars: Easy to read pattern (had a few glitches, but this could be my brain)
Four stars: Finished products are awfully cute, but more accessory pieces than actual wearable, functional garments.

For Continental/Russian knitters who don't want to gauge swatch - SIZE DOWN by 3 on the needles.

Happy clicking... am working on that holiday knitting list, swear.

And because we love P!NK - purdy good editing on this - rock out, you wild knitters, you...


1 comment:

  1. HA! Note from Meghan:
    "Um, we LOVE them. So adorable! I think I might even have pics of Jenn wearing the hat!!"

    Cool. I have more of that pink yarn...