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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

No Animals Were Injured During This Photo Shoot

I crocheted this.

Yes, I can hook. Hooking for longer than I care to admit - taught to me by my mom's mom, who was a crocheter of MAD SKILZ.

I made this afghan for Mom in the crochet option that comes with the kit, to honor Grandma O. I also chose a kit with the colors "English Garden" because my mom grows roses. (there's a typo on the picture. oops.)

Will this ever be used as an afghan? Not sure - it IS dry-clean only. I am astounded it made it into the family room and onto Mom's TV chair; I thought for sure it would be relegated to the more formal living room (where currently the grandkids' Legos live).

One of the heartfelt things I love about creating stuff by hand, is it takes time and you can love so much while you're making it. When you're done the love is all kind of tied up in the project and if you're lucky, the project shows the love and is treasured.

Hormonal much? I hear Judy Collins singing "Send in the Clowns"... but it's all true. Yarn can be love. No wonder I have a whole bathtub full!

Happy Fall, my friends.

PS - Chester's union rep called. A mandatory day off.


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  1. ETA - Julia, ol' eagle eyes, noticed a typo in the initial posting. xo jules - you weren't a 'snot' for pointing it out. thanks!