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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Chptr 44: In Which I Finished a Scarf but Also Have to Go to Shopping Mall

60 hours in which I knit about 12 (the rest were wasted time)
Kinda digging this scarf which is the first of 5 I need to plow through in the next couple weeks so I can (stop reading if you're worried about my retirement and the Acura's alignment) order more yarn.  (This is the yarn I got from the lovely Nangellini.)

I'm going through a long-striping-repeat adoration phase.  Colinette's speckles and sprays of color will one day absorb me again, but right now it's all about the Silk Garden.

Where I knit on this scarf:
  • At a Starbucks on a mellow Wednesday night awaiting my sweet Em
  • In bed
  • On the Metro (red line)
  • In  meeting about implementing a company-wide purchase order system
  • At the Cosi on Dupont Circle in the sun on a spectacular warm November day
  • At a doctor's appointment
  • On the couch watching gratuitously pop-culture bad television (mostly CBS but also some NBC)
I have been accused of maybe hiding in the bathroom at work and knitting but, really, that has never even occurred to me.  I find it disconcerting when I'm in a public restroom and someone starts talking and it turns out they are ON THEIR CELLPHONE whilst doing... private... things.  Or, even more disturbing, whilst I am doing private things.

If you ever get a gift from me, yes, it may have been blocked on a floor, it may have traversed the DC area and picked up some interesting particles, and it may have been mashed in my purse or totebag (each of them a whole universe of mystery; I never know WHAT I'm going to pull out and some of what I pull out of them, I really don't remember ever putting IN them) - but never, oh never, will it have been in a bathroom.

Pinkie swear.

What are you knitting?  Post your blog links, especially if they are holiday gifts and if they are for BOYS.
LEGO Kingdoms Exclusive Set #7952 2010 Advent CalendarOops, almost forgot:  Speaking of boys, the requested gift for my soon-to-be-7-years-old nephew, Ryan, supposedly lives at a shopping mall 30+ miles away.  It's the KINGDOM (not the CITY) Lego advent calendar.  I do not like malls.  More and more as I get older and older.  Not sure why.  Maybe it's because all the STUFF is disturbing (says the woman with two or three bathtubs equivalent of yarn - seriously, I can't think of any other way to articulate how much yarn I have).  Oddly (or maybe not oddly) flea markets are disturbing as well.   Same stuff being sold, but on different ends of the "used" spectrum.  (And I need to state that the Amazon links I use on this blog (like the one to the left) are solely for illustrative purposes.  Easy and legal way to illustrate the things I am chatting about.)

But I digress from actually getting out of bed and getting ready for this visit to The Mall.  From which I may or may not recover.



  1. Pretty scarf.
    I must now attempt to Ravelry stalk you to find the pattern.

    I once tried that knitting in the bath tub business. You put the yarn in a bowl so it floats and stays dry. But I quickly gave up.
    So at least one project has seen a bathroom, but not the way you're talking about. ;-)

  2. Easy pattern here - http://brooklyntweed.blogspot.com/2007/04/noro-scarf.html

    I like to use all the same colorway - it makes for interesting pooling of colors.
    I also like to pair the Silk Garden with a lace mohair yarn - did that with the Noro poncho and another scarf I have posted on in the past few days (in the blocking at work post).